ASB spreading the love


Andrew Cross

Hearts with every student’s name were hung on the fence near the quad.

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

“Love is in the air,” said junior Spencer Stewart.

ASB helped students get ready for Valentine’s Day during the week of Feb. 9 through Feb. 13. They had a rose sale, a rally in the quad at lunch, and a surprise Valentine for all the students.

They were able to do all of this and raise money at the same time.

“The rose sale allowed students to send a rose to that special someone and raise money so we can organize more events throughout the year,” said junior class president Timmy Miller.

Students also felt that is was cheaper way to buy roses.

According to pro flowers website, a dozen roses ranges from $15 to $35. ASB’s rose sale sold one dollar roses or a dozen roses for five dollars.

“I think the rose sale is a great way for couples to buy roses for each other. It allows them to spend more money on other things,” said junior Lauren McDonald.

Along with the rose sale, ASB held in a rally at lunch for the students.

The rally was hosted by Stewart and junior Jacob Segal. The rally had various things including music and games.

“I though the rally was great. They had music playing for the students and games for students to be apart of,” said sophomore Nick Brooks.

Along with the rally they had a heart for every student in the school. Students could find their heart on the fence right next to the quad.

“We just wanted to make sure every student would have at least one valentine,” said Segal.

Along with all the Valentine’s Day build up, it was also jersey day. Students and teachers wore various jerseys including basketball, football and baseball.

“I thought it was a great idea. It allows students to show what sports teams they cheer for,” said junior Tyler Brandenburg.