Authors Tim Dorsey and Bill Fitzhugh come to Belmont Library


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Author Tim Dorsey and Bill Fitzhugh will be coming to the Belmont Library on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 at 7:00pm to present their newest novels.

Best-selling author Dorsey adds a fifteenth novel to his crime series staring secret agent Serge Storms. In Pineapple Grenade, Storms finds himself in Miami spying for the president of a banana republic while trying to avoid Homeland Security. Dorsey’s novels are know for their hilarious entertainment and being a great pick-me-up.

Fans often suggest that new readers begin with earlier books in the series to become acquainted with Storms’s “unusual ways” and Dorsey’s “dark sense of humor.” Although Dorsey’s series is quite popular, some fans are disappointed with Pineapple Grenade.

On Amazon, reviewer S. Dering wrote, “I am a huge Tim Dorsey fan, but this book was a disappointment. I did not find it very funny, and the plot, with all the espionage craziness, was TOO complicated to follow.”

Pineapple Grenade received a rating of 4/5 stars from fans on Publishers Weekly praises the novel, saying, “Bestseller Dorsey dishes up his Miami mayhem with a side order of mordant wit … neither Dorsey’s fast-paced prose nor his delight in skewering human foolishness has lost its mischievous sparkle.”

Fitzhugh’s The Exterminators: An Assassin Bug Thriller follows Bob Dillon and his friend, Klaus Müller, as they use DNA sequencers to create one deadly bug that can kill other bugs for them. The exterminator’s new pest control catches the attention of the Department of Defense agency and later of a Bolivian drug lord who wants revenge. Follow Dillon and Müller as they battle against bugs and assassins in the streets of Hollywood.

The Exterminators: An Assassin Bug Thriller received a rating of 5/5 stars on with fan reviewer Harriet Klausner saying, “The second Assassin Bug Thriller is a fast-paced zany thriller…Filled with action, spins and a horde of the assassins, fans will appreciate this jocular satire that skewers the right and left, celebrity worship, and the losing war on bugs.”

Miami Herld columnist and award winning novelist Carl Hiaasen reviewed the novel, saying, “”The Exterminators” is wild and clever fun…Even as you lie awake grinning at Fitzhugh’s writing, you might find yourself hearing the soft scuttle of cockroaches under your bed.”

Dorsey and Fitzhughwill be available after their presentations to sell and sign copies of their novels.

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