Baseball player breaks foot


Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

Starting shortstop Aaron Pleschner is out for the season due to a broken foot.

“I hit a ball off my foot about three months ago against Riordan,” said Pleschner.

2013 PAL champions Normally considered as a non contact sport baseball can still cause many injuries due to contact with equipment, and sometimes players.

Baseball injuries consist of direct as well as indirect injuries. Direct injuries are caused by actions of the sport, while indirect injuries are the result of exertion while participating in the sport.

An example of a direct injury is being hit by the ball or sliding into another player. An example of an indirect injury is overheating or having heart problems.

In this case Pleschner suffered from a direct injury with the ball, causing him to break his foot.

“I’ve been wearing a boot for eight weeks, and I am starting physical therapy this week,” said Pleschner.

“Its been really hard because I want to be out on the field contributing to my team, and helping them win,” said Pleschner.

The University of North Carolina collected injury statistics from 1983 to 2009, and found that 52 high school baseball players suffered direct catastrophic injuries playing baseball as well as 15 indirect deaths.

Center Fielder Nicky Thompson said, “He was our starting shortstop, and it was a loss for the team, but other players were able to step up and fill his place.”

Injury is part of the game, but Pleschner has still been supporting the team. I know its been hard on him, but he has kept his head up through it all,” said Thompson.

Infielder Michael McGill said, “The team has handled Aaron’s injury very well because losing him was a big hit to our lineup, but other guys have stepped up and gotten the job done.”

“He seems to have handled everything pretty well because I think he knows that its out of his control, and he just has to deal with it,” said McGill.

“Find a way to contribute and help your team win from the bench. Always support your team,” said Pleschner.