Bear Hands album expresses individuality

Bear Hands album expresses individuality

Alex Lay, Staff Writer

Bear Hands album “Distraction” excited and surprised both the new and the old fans with their unique style and passionate songs.

The alternative band has a very different type of music that can both attract and repel listeners, given their individual way of expressing music.

“‘Distraction’ is a really cool album, and it’s not something you hear everyday. It’s really nice to hear something that isn’t like anything revolving around in the music world today,” said sophomore Lauren Young.

“Distraction” includes the song “Giants” that hit many top radio station charts, such as the Alt18 Countdown on Alt Nation on Sirius XM radio.

Fans enjoyed the album, providing both praise and criticism for different aspects throughout.

The lyrics in song “Giants” express the craze and passion involved in love: “You got one and you changed from crazy to calm. I’ve been awake for days in the dusk and the dawn. And you’re loving me whether you want to or not. I want you for sure, I am loving you more.”

“The lyrics in each song in ‘Distraction’ were very meaningful, each lyric goes under the surface level. The album was a good edition to my music library,” said sophomore Michael Lima.

Others, like Young, also shared a similar positive perception of the album.

“I liked all the music styles they chose and the way it flowed with the vocals. I felt the emotion with each song. I really enjoyed the album, even though I don’t think it is right for everyone,” said Young.

On the contrary, sophomore Lauren Schmal was not as interested in the album.

“I think a few of the songs were decent, but they all sounded the same. Each song had the same music pattern and the same vocals, which prevented me from enjoying the album as much as I could have,” said Schmal.

Album covers often symbolize meaning of album, and the “Distraction” cover perfectly interprets the band’s main idea of distraction. The two black and white eyes add to the vibe the album emits.

Bear Hands is an up-and-coming band increasing in popularity due to their rare and ardent ways of approaching music.

If the band continues on this positive trend, they will rise in popularity in the future due to their unique way of portraying emotions.

“Distraction” is a fun album that will take fans away from reality and transport them into a musical world of love and adventure.

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