Bees take over lunch


Andrew Cross

One of the few bee traps at Carlmont

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

Bees are a common lunchtime interruption for Carlmont students.

Carlmont students typically spend most of their day in a classroom.

On a regular day, it’s 50 minutes each period with a seven minute passing period. The only time students can relax and talk with their friends is during lunch.

Lunch is about half an hour for students to eat food and talk with friends. Recently, students have been noticing a lot of bees during the lunch period.

“I think it’s because there are a lot of flowers and students don’t throw their food away,” said junior Shanil Patel. “If people throw their food away, I think there will be less bees.”

Bees are attracted to the schools flowers, but they are also attracted to some of the students food and drinks. With students not throwing away their food, bees will continue to bother students.

“They shouldn’t leave their food out during lunch,” said junior Connor Loucks. “It’s easy enough just to pick up your food and throw it away.”

Another cause for the high amount of bees is that the school has taken down many of the bee traps. The ones that are left up are located in uncommon areas.

“I have noticed that there have been a lot of bees during lunch recently,” said Loucks.

At the same time, there are students that have no complaints and ones that haven’t seen bees around during the lunch period.

“I haven’t really seen any bees at lunch this year,” said junior Megan Wilson. “I guess it depends on where you sit at lunch.”

Students who sit inside a classroom have less of a chance to be stung by a bee as opposed to sitting outside. That is part of the reason why teachers haven’t heard any complaints about bees.

“Teachers never eat outside so that’s probably why they haven’t seen or heard anything,” said Loucks.

Even if teachers knew about the bee problem, there is little that they can do to get rid of them apart from putting up more bee traps.

“There is really nothing you can do,” said Wilson. “Bees are apart of nature and help the environment.”

Since fall and winter are coming up, hopefully there will be less bees bothering students at lunch.