Belmont Library offers teen activities


Juliana Rinaldi

The Belmont Library offers activities for teenagers to be more active in their community.

Juliana Rinaldi , Staff Writer

Whether it is through cooking classes, book clubs, or arts and crafts, the Belmont Library brings the people of Belmont together.

Recently, the Belmont Library has held many events for teens to get actively involved within the community.

Throughout the library, there are pamphlets with information on them describing what kind of activities are coming up.

One upcoming event is the Belmont Library’s Spectrum Book Club and Action Group For LGBTQ+ and Ally Teens on May 24. This event invites teens to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride and participate in activities such as cookie decorating and arts and crafts.

On Wednesday, May 10, there will be a Teen Cooking Class that shows teens healthy ways to make foods that fight against stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep.

Many teens, including Carlmont students, are aware of the different events that occur at the Belmont Library. Sometimes, library employees come to visit Carlmont to let the students know about big, future events.

Sophomore Alexandra Hamdun said, “Yes, I do know the upcoming events at the Belmont library. A woman named Kayla Figard came into my classroom to talk about upcoming job opportunities.”

Though many of the students at Carlmont have seen and heard that there are events at the Belmont Library, some do not attend because they do not have the spare time.

Sophomore Nathan Mangold said, “High schoolers do not have as much free time outside of academics and extracurricular activities. [The library’s activities] seem more important to children who are younger and have more free time on their hands.”

Events at the Belmont Library like Teen Center Tuesdays try to help teens relax as middle school and high school can be overwhelming. This event is for teenagers sixth to 12th grade who just need time to relax and “de-stress.”

Sophomore Hunter Hawkes said, “I definitely believe that these types of events can help bring the community together.”