Bernie Sanders strives to win over the Golden State



Sanders speaks to his supporters at his rally.

Nicole del Cardayre, Staff Writer

Trailing 767 delegates, Bernie Sanders has had a difficult campaign against his opponent Hillary Clinton.

Sanders has continued his presidential campaign in hopes of winning over California, “the Golden State.” On June 7, California will have its primary election with 475 delegates at stake.

According to CBS local news, Sanders currently has 1,473 delegates and superdelegates while Clinton is in the lead with 2,240. To win California’s Democratic primary, 2,383 delegates are needed.

In Vallejo, California, many citizens lean toward a more liberal view and have expressed their beliefs by organizing a rally in honor of Bernie Sanders scheduled for May 18.

In an interview given to KTVU News, Matthew Finkelstein, the co-founder of the online group Vallejo For Bernie Sanders, said, “I’m feeling so much Bern I need to go to the doctor. I don’t think antibiotics are going to do it this time.”

“Feel the Bern” is a popular phrase Sanders’ supporters have adopted to demonstrate their support for his campaign.

Tuesday, May 11, Sanders held a rally in Stockton. The rally gained lots of support from the community as he proposed raising the minimum wage and reducing income inequality.

In an interview given to KPIX 5, Sanders said, “I would say that in America today, we have millions of people who are working off starvation wages, that we have massive levels of wealth and income inequality, that in America, if you work 40 hours a week, you should not be living in poverty. $15 an hour is a living wage, they’re not going to get rich on that.”

Vallejo’s rally is expected to be a success; it’s organizers predict around 18,000 people will attend.

“Because of the college towns near Vallejo, I would expect Sanders’ rally to have a great turnout,” said sophomore Alyn Seymour.