Blood drive provides a good way to give


Melanie Hamaguchi, Staff Writer

Carlmont High School’s annual blood drive is around the corner, giving students the opportunity to donate their blood to help save lives.

Carlmont has partnered with the American Red Cross in order to hold a blood drive located on the school campus on Feb. 7. The Associated Student Body is holding signups for the event until Jan. 24. In order to be a donor, students must be at least 16 years old and meet weight and height requirements.

A poster made by ASB in order to advertise the upcoming blood drive.
A poster made by ASB in order to advertise the upcoming blood drive.

“One donation can save three lives,” said Bita Shahrvini, one of the event’s main organizers.

Blood transfusions are needed by lots of people, especially those who were in accidents or have some sort of illness. People infected by sickle cell disease require blood transfusions every day as a way of managing their disease. According to the American Red Cross, car accident victims can require as much 100 pints of blood.

“Lots of local hospitals need blood all the time,” said Shahrvini.

Blood cannot be manufactured or artificially created, so hospital blood supplies come from people who have donated through organizations like the American Red Cross.

According to data provided by the American Red Cross, while 38 percent of the American population are eligible donors, only 10 percent have ever donated. Blood is always in demand, so the American Red Cross works hard to hold many blood drives all over the country.

“You can give the gift of life to another person just by giving your blood,” said senior Zhenya Farrington.

Donating your blood doesn’t cost you any money and yet it can help save someone’s life. Even if you don’t have money to donate to charities, if you are healthy then can give back in another way, through signing up and giving your blood at Carlmont’s blood drive on Feb. 7.