Blue Bombers


Throughout the hour and twenty minute homecoming assembly at Carlmont, The Blue Bombers take up less than two minutes to run around the gym, perform, and quickly run out again.

The Blue Bombers is made up of the girls water polo team and for these two short minutes that they perform, they paint they entire bodies blue.  They then make up a routine only ten minutes before they hit the stage.

It seems as though painting oneself blue and coming up with a routine on such short notice might not be worth the trouble.

Sarah Levin exclaimed, “The paint takes forever to come off. Last year I looked like a smurf for the next three days!”

While the paint might not be quite as fun to take off, some girls explained that it’s not a big deal about the hassle, and as Carly Reed argued, “It’s about being weird and crazy in front of the whole school.”

Whether it’s an inconvenience or an entertaining production, The Blue Bombers will be back for next year’s assembly once again.