Boys triumph over varsity water polo win


Lara Ostroff, Staff Writer

yet another goal by Carlmont
yet another goal by Carlmont

The beginning of what would become a win for the boys varsity water polo team started at 5:15 p.m on Sept. 18.

Carlmont High School beat the Burlingame Panthers 9:8 after a vicious four periods. The entire second half of the game was a close call, one team always barely ahead of the other.

Main goalkeeper Gene Schreck kept his cool, and wasn’t afraid to call the ref out when questionable calls were made. He played a vital role in Carlmont’s win that afternoon.

Tensions arose with the referee during the last periods of the game.

Head Coach Andres Galvez said, “This was definitely our best game yet.”

The recent win over Burlingame puts Carlmont boys varsity water polo at one win and one loss.