Boys water polo loses a close match


Artie Hazelton

Junior David Vondran winds up for a shot against the Half Moon Bay Cougars at Carlmont on Tuesday.

Artie Hazelton, Staff Writer

The varsity boys of Carlmont took a loss to the Half Moon Bay Cougars on Sept. 30 by only a few goals, ending the game with the final score of 13-11.

As soon as the game started, the Half Moon Bay coach was screaming at the referees and the players on the Cougars. This coach was not pleased with the calls made by the two referees, and got a yellow card in the third quarter for his behavior. On the other side, Carlmont coach Alexander Hardingmoore did little talking throughout the game because he said it was unnecessary.

“I only yell when they [Scots] don’t execute. Today, they executed,” said Hardingmoore, explaining that they had played a good game, and the outcome did not matter. “The players had executed what they did in practice during the game, and their hearts were in the right place.”

The Scots played well during the first half, but could not keep up with the Cougars in the fourth quarter, when one of Carlmont’s players was ejected.

“Although our team was playing at our best, the other team was very good and one of our best players got ejected, which put the team down,” said Daniel Zorb, a junior on the team.

Most of the game consisted of Zorb scoring a large percentage of the goals for the team. Zorb was a key player, who put in all sorts of goals, including scoring a 5-meter off of a foul in the first half.

Another player who led the team, was junior River Manochio, the goalkeeper who had many excellent saves throughout the entire game. At the end of the third quarter, Manochio blocked a lob shot coming into the top right corner which deflected into the hands of the opposition, right in front of the goal. Manochio quickly recovered, and made another save from point blank.

Although Manochio played an amazing game, he still said, “I played an average game, that was nothing special to my standards.”

Carlmont’s loss makes their overall record 1-3. The team will play the Burlingame Panthers next Wednesday.

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