BTI Club provides extra support for BTI students


Nihal Karim

The BTI Club holds a monthly potluck for members to bond.

Nihal Karim, Staff Writer

The BTI Club provides BTI students with extra opportunities outside of class.

The BTI Club is exclusive to members of the BTI program. Students who are passionate about science have a place where they can learn more about the science field.

“The point of this club is to unite like-minded BTI students who are passionate about science and would like to explore it further,” said Club President Julia Griesbach, a senior.

The club meetings usually include a student who gives a presentation about a topic that they are passionate about, using visuals or audio. Their most recent meeting was about music and how it relates to the human brain.

“The club is very student-driven,” said Linda Garvey, a club adviser. “It provides students with leadership opportunities and lets them talk about something that they are interested in, even if it is not really related to biotech.”

The BTI Club is a place where members from different grade levels can talk and share ideas. It lets the students learn and socialize more with their peers.

“We didn’t have much of a connection when we were new, so this lets us become closer to each other,” said Griesbach. “It also lets us connect with students from other grade levels since we don’t have classes with each other.”

The club provides students with extra help and knowledge outside of class. About 10 to 20 students come to the club each year, and they can all ask questions and get help from the advisors and their peers.

“Anytime you have a program or an activity that relates to a class, it’s always very helpful for the students, and provides support for those who need it,” said Garvey.

Club members like the club for a variety of reasons. Members get different opportunities to improve leadership skills and expand their knowledge in different areas of science.

“I joined the BTI program because I’m interested in science, especially astrophysics, and I would like to learn more about it,” said TJ Rodriguez, a sophomore and club member. “I decided to join the club as a way to learn more about my interests.”

The club had six professionals come as guest speakers last year and two student guest speakers this year. The leaders would like to incorporate more guest speakers and more BTI representatives who can promote the program to other students.

“We would like to have more guest speakers coming to this club, especially during the second semester,” said Griesbach. “We would also like to have BTI representatives who go and promote the program to other schools.”

Other future goals include creating a club account on social media and having more labs.

“We had labs last year and want to have more this year. We like to make labs interesting, fun, and interactive for the club members,” said Griesbach. “We would also like to work on making a  social media account in the future.”

The BTI Club is a place where members of the BTI program can gather and learn more about science. It’s a place where they can share scientific topics that they are passionate about, learn more from each other, and improve their skills.

The BTI Club meets every Monday in either D26 or T2.