Carlmont’s active green community

The Green Thumb of Carlmont

The Green Thumb of Carlmont

Mia Hogan, Staff Writer

Known as the club with Lorenzo sandwiches during the clubs fair or Green Youth Alliance, the executive board searched for additional members.

Students interested about learning more on the environment and want get involved with the community should visit Carlmont’s Green Youth Alliance club in E11 on Oct. 28.

Senior Bita Shahrvini said, “I joined [GYA] because I really care about the environment.”

As a member, students are required to attend the short meetings every other mondays and participate in two GYA events per semester.

Ranging from community cleanups to educational events, GYA is not only a schoolwide club, but also statewide. The club majorly composes of upperclassmen at Carlmont desperately search for younger members to continue to club after graduating.

Prospective sophomore member Alex Signer said, “Green Youth Alliance is very beneficial because it helps the planet and helps us keep our home healthy.”

Last year, GYA participated in unique environmental events. Bee keeping, the plastic bag ban, community gardens, and monthly informational presentations were few examples of the eco friendly club activities.

Vice President Franklin Rice said, “GYA is a club that focuses on local youth, especially at Carlmont High School about the effects and causes of environmental change and spread the knowledge to attract more students.”

Every month at the Redwood City Library, GYA holds informative lectures and  shows movies to the community, free of charge. These events not only include Carlmont students, but also neighboring high schools.

Oct. 16 was GYA’s first informative presentation, Food Revolution. Shahrvini said, “A little less than 100 people showed up, with speakers from the Sierra Club and school board members. There was great food, very informational, and a lot of fun.”

Future events are still unknown, but with crucial fundraising completed, GYA is on the road to a successful year.

The Green Thumb of Carlmont
The Green Thumb of Carlmont