Carlmont cares: prom dress donations

Mateen Nozzari, ScotCenter Segment Editor

Beginning March 24, Carlmont’s third period leadership class is collecting student-donated prom dresses that will be redistributed for a lower price to the Carlmont community in time for prom.

Upon donation, the student is rewarded with a $15 discount on their prom ticket, creating an even better incentive for students to donate.

“We’ll have a day for people to come into the ASB room and try on dresses so they can choose the one they like,” said sophomore Sage Shamsai.

Unfortunately, not all Carlmont students are able to afford the prom experience that every student deserves.

“I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t able to afford or experience prom as a senior,” sophomore Lauren McDonnell said.

The prom dress drive will continue up until Friday, April 4, and decorative signs, banners, and flyers have filled the campus like wildfire. Participation is key in order to successfully help those in need.

“It’s really important that our school cares about each other. Nobody should feel left out during an event like this,” said senior Arian Tabarroj.

Several students of the third period leadership class are also putting together a video as a method of publication to their peers.

“We’re expecting the video have the biggest effect on the participation. If people see their friends participating and helping out, it’ll create a larger incentive for them to help out as well,” Tabarroj said.

The prom dress drive will also not only benefit the donor and the buyer, but will also help to improve leadership’s ability to create and execute events such as this one.

“We try to stress that participation is imperative and without it all of our hard work would go to waste,” Shamsai said.

After a successful clothes drive back in January, the third period leadership class felt confident with their efforts to put on a more local-benefiting drive.

“In the grand scheme of things, I’m confident in our school’s decisions and participations so far this year, so I’m hopeful and optimistic that this prom will be a fun, enjoyable night because everyone deserves an opportunity like this,” Shamsai said.