Carlmont dad hats make their debut


Skylar Weiss

Junior Will Klieves takes interest in the poster regarding hat sales.

Skylar Weiss, Staff Writer

With one look around the Carlmont campus, it is clear that many students are proud to be Scots; the crowd of people in the hallway is almost all white and blue, and the Carlmont hymn can be sung at any moment.

In order to show their spirit, many students have accumulated several different items in blue and white, such as shirts, pajamas, sweatshirts, socks, and more.

This month, some will add to their collections with the newest addition to Carlmont spirit wear, the dad hat.

Carlmont dad hats are seemingly modeled after Ralph Lauren hats, as they both have curve-billed caps and a small logo in the center. However, rather than a polo player as a logo, Carlmont dad hats show a Scotsman.

This idea was initially inspired by senior Nour Zabaneh. Sophomore Eva Peate was also involved in pre-selling the hats in the quad.

“Nour wanted to design something new since we haven’t had new Scots gear in a while. It’s exciting to have a new item, and, as it is available at the beginning of the year, freshmen can purchase the hat as their first item of spirit wear,” said Peate.

The hats have been on presale for two weeks, and so far Carlmont has sold over 100 of them.

“I ordered a dad hat because I thought that it would be cool to have and it comes in a color that I don’t own yet. I am just hoping that the quality is decent,” said junior Will Klieves.

Others, like junior Kevin McGee, don’t find the dad hats appealing, but still support the idea.

“Personally, I wouldn’t buy the hats, but I like that ASB came up with a new clothing item for people to wear. The hats will add some variety to spirit wear,” said McGee.

On Sept. 12, Carlmont ASB released the news that they purchased a surplus of the hats in order to sell extras on campus for twenty dollars.

Sophomore Olivia Chow helped sell the hats and is hopeful for further development of the Carlmont spirit wear.

“It would be cool if we make the hats in multiple colors later on. Maybe we can add more new spirit wear soon, too,” said Chow.