Carlmont Dance adds something special to their Winter Show


Miranda Irwin

Carlmont’s Advanced Dance rehearses one of their Winter Show pieces in class.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Every year Carlmont’s Intermediate and Advanced Dance put on a show in the first week of December, but this year they are adding something special to their show.

Junior Emily Sevillia suggested in class that the dancers should ask their parents and friends that are planning on attending the show to bring a gift that the dancers will then donate to a charity.

“One of the organizations we are thinking of donating the toys to is an adult rehabilitation center. Since these adults do not have the ability to buy their kids presents for the holidays, people [could] donate gifts so that they will have them to give to their kids when they visit for Christmas or other holidays,” said Sevillia.

The dancers all wanted to do something to help people in need for the holidays, and they saw this as the perfect opportunity.

“We thought it would be a nice idea to have bins at the door of the studio, [so that] when people walk in they can drop off their donations. We also thought it would be a cute idea to put a few of them under the tree we put up every year as a decoration,” said junior Rebecca Imison.

Along with the holiday decorations, the Winter Show has a theme each year. This year it is “winter love songs.”

Both Advanced and Intermediate Dance had their dancers split into small groups of about seven or eight dancers that then worked together to choreograph their own dances to winter love songs. In addition to each dancer being in a small group, all the dancers are working together on a combined class piece to close the show.

“I really enjoy dancing in the Winter Show because it starts off December with a nice holiday feel and it’s not too stressful of a performance since it’s just in the dance studio with a small audience,” said senior Monica Bayasgalan.

With the lowkey Winter Dance Show coming up during the first week of December, the dancers are working on preparing their dances as well as organizing their gift donations, which they hope and expect will be a success.