Carlmont defeated at home


Carlmont on offense at the line of scrimmage

Daniel Wang, Staff Writer

Carlmont on offense at the line of scrimmage

In 50 total games against Woodside, the Carlmont varsity football team has never beaten them at home. This statistic didn’t change Friday night, as Woodside dominated the football game with a scoreline of 27-6 at Carlmont.

In the first quarter, the game was pretty equal between Carlmont and Woodside, with the two teams throwing a pick and fumbling the ball.

However, in the second quarter, Woodside started playing more efficiently. Carlmont fumbled on their own 16 yard line midway through the second quarter, leading to a 16 yard run by Woodside’s quarterback.

Later in the second quarter, Carlmont fumbled again, leading to another rushing touchdown for Woodside. To cap off the second quarter, Woodside’s quarterback scrambled out of the pocket with 15 seconds left and sprinted down the sideline for a 75 yard run to make the score 21-0.

Carlmont varsity coach Jason Selli stated, “we need to stop making simple mistakes and be more consistent.  We need to protect the football better against a good team like Woodside.”

In the second half, Carlmont played with a new level of intensity and didn’t turn the ball over once. Varsity player Yancey Portis scored on a four yard rush to make the score 21-6. Then, Woodside lost the ball on a punt return at the end of the third quarter.

With all the morale on their side, Carlmont picked off Woodside’s quarterback with eight minutes left. Nevertheless, Carlmont was unable to capitalize again and Woodside finished the game with their fourth touchdown run, to end the game at 27-6.

After the game, Selli said, “we played hard the whole game. This game was definitely better than our performance last week (against Aragon.)”

Next week, Carlmont’s football team travels to San Mateo High School.

To prepare for next week’s game, Carlmont quarterback Diariea James responded, “we need to practice hard like we did this week and come out ready to play. For the next game, we need to work hard as a team and hopefully get the job done.”