Carlmont emerges victorious against Mills 47-44


Brian Olivares

Junior Ashley Trierweiler sets up to take a free throw mid-game.

Brian Olivares, Staff Writer

The Carlmont Scots were able to defeat Mills in a game against them, coming out with a very close final score of 47-44.

The game started off close in score as fans from both of the teams attended the game and cheered for their respective players. Also cheering from the sidelines were fellow teammates, who had mascot oriented chants and cheers aimed at specific team members.

“These tight games really let you see how much progress the team is making and the mental toughness these girls have,” varsity girls’ head coach Dan Mori said.

The entire game had a very close score, which made it all the more stressful for both the players and the coaches. However, even with the difficult game, Carlmont was able to pull through and beat Mills.

“It was so stressful. Everyone on the bench was biting their nails,” sophomore player Ava Brückner-Kockel said.

The entire crowd and players seemed on the edges of their seats as the game progressed, because of how efficient both teams were at both scoring and defending against the other team. However, during the very end of the game, the result was clear in Carlmont’s favor.

“It was very interesting to watch,” sophomore Sarah Dunwoody said.

Throughout the game, there were also many fouls that were called against both teams that then led to free throws. These resulted one-point scores made a slight but important difference in score.

The determination of the Carlmont team was undying and another factor that allowed them to pull through. Even when the score turned against them, the team was able to match the score once again or shorten the gap in between the score difference.

“Our girls really played with the kind of focus and intensity it takes to win these close games. They would not be denied,” Mori said.

The next game that this team has will be against Burlingame on January 24th at 5:30 pm.