Carlmont gives its seniors a sweet surprise


Thomas Leme

Jillian Yong, a senior, enjoys her donut from ASB.

Thomas Leme, Staff Writer

As the pink boxes opened to reveal the rows of sweet, shiny donuts, everyone got excited.

When they saw the sign saying, “Free Donuts for Seniors,” only a quarter of the students stayed excited.

During lunch on Feb. 8, ASB decided to cheer up Carlmont’s seniors by surprising them with free donuts in the quad.

The event had not been formally announced to anyone, so it was a sweet surprise for the seniors.

Julia Kelly, a senior who gave out the donuts, said, “Everybody was surprised because nobody knew that we were going to be having donuts. And they’re free so everybody had a more enjoyable time.”

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Kelly also said, “We wanted to do something just for the seniors, and it’s almost the end of the year so it’s just a sweet treat to give out to people.”

It was certainly a tiring week for many students, with school truly back into full swing, AP exams creeping into the horizon, and college applications still being submitted. 

So with all of that going on, many thought it was nice for ASB to show the seniors some love.

This act of generosity certainly didn’t go unappreciated by Carlmont’s soon-to-be alumni.

Ravneel Chaudhary, a senior, said, “It’s a nice change. It’s been a long, tiring week with senioritis and college applications. The donuts just make me stay motivated.”

Even seniors that didn’t get any donuts appreciated the move.

Monojit Chakraborty, a senior, said, “I did not receive a donut as I was preoccupied with a club meeting. I did, however, see a Facebook post about it. It was an amazing act of kindness by ASB.”

This outpouring of positive reactions is sure to encourage ASB, who wanted to do something nice and give back to Carlmont seniors.