Carlmont Green Team works to improve campus with tri-bins trash system


Jessica Klein

Alice Chamberlin, a junior, uses the tri-bins to throw her thrash away. With the tri-bins now on campus, many students are eager to throw their trash away in the correct spot.

Jessica Klein, Staff Writer

The Carlmont Green Team is continually working to improve the environment by implementing new tri-bin trash systems across campus.

The trash system was formed last January and can now be found everywhere throughout Carlmont. Although no exact number of tri-bins can be given, there are roughly 50 or more located across the entire campus.

“The tri-bins are basically just recycling, compost, and trash put together. By having all three together, we are trying to have a more effective system,” said Alyssa Nguyen, the club president.

Research has found that many schools have had trash problems during lunch and especially in the school cafeterias. Despite the efforts of the Green Team, Carlmont is one of them.

“The members last year found out that Carlmont was not effectively recycling or composting, and a lot of it was going into trash,” Nguyen said.

Since the addition of tri-bins, many students have noticed a difference in accessibility to necessary recycling and composting options.

“I am very glad that there is an easier way for students to recycle and compost since last year Carlmont was not doing the best job with that,” said Alice Chamberlin, a junior.

Members of Green Team work to maintain the tri-bin system weekly. Every Friday after school, the members will take out the trash, compost, and recycling.

“I have helped  with setting up the tri-bin system and taking out the compost, trash, and recycling,” Jenny Mao, a junior, said.

Keeping the tri-bins in good condition is important, but having members to help out is a crucial job for the club as a whole. This year, many new members have joined the club and are eager to improve our environment by helping with tri-bins. Freshman Ryan Ng is one of these new members and is eager to make a positive impact on the world.

“This club is helping us cut down our carbon footprint and making us more efficient with our waste,” Ng said.

Although Green Team has been working hard to help the planet in every way possible, many club members feel that it is important for everyone, in or out of the club, to do their part in contributing to the world in a positive way.

“Helping the environment is one of the easiest things to do because it is really just the small things you do that make a difference. Being aware of how your actions have consequences can go a long way,” said Mackenna Vickery, a senior.