Carlmont helps fight poverty


Andrew Cross

You can find the green bin near the pool and bike racks

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

The holidays are just around the corner and everybody is getting excited.

People get to spend time with their families and receive gifts. The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that not everybody gets to have these same experiences.

Every year, parents struggle to afford clothes for their whole family.

Now, at Carlmont students can help by placing unwanted clothing or shoe items in the green bin near the pool. This was all organized by senior Elise Dimick who hopes the convenience of the location will bring success.

“We wanted to put it in a place where both students and parents can see it so there would be more involvement,” said Dimick.

The green bin is from a non profit organization called Campus California. There goal is not only to fight poverty, but to also help the environment.

“We want to keep the materials in clothes out of the landfill and reproduce them to put it back into the market,” said Dimick.

Because there is only one bin on one side of the school, not everybody has seen or heard about the bin.

“Most of my friends haven’t heard anything about it because they enter school on the other side of the campus,” said sophomore Nick Brooks.

Even though some people haven’t heard about the bin, students are willing to help and tell their friends about it.

“People should tell their friends or put up signs or something to let people know about it,” said Brooks.

Now comes the question of whether students are willing to contribute to the cause.

“I think its a good cause, but I also think a majority of the the students wont help contribute to it,” said junior Nick Pugliano.

ASB teacher Jim Kelly, Dimick, and all of ASB hope that people will contribute to the cause.

“I hope there will be a lot of people contributing to the bin,” said Dimick.

Hopefully students will contribute to the bin to help the less fortunate and to make sure they have a happy holiday.