Carlmont prom preparations

Mateen Nozzari, ScotCenter Segment Editor

As the deadline for Carlmont’s annual prom approaches, Associated Student Body’s (ASB) Finance and Dance commissions are working hard to put on a dance everyone will remember.

Prom is taking place on April 26 at the Regency Ball Room in San Francisco, Calif. Upperclassmen and their dates are invited.

Prom is being held at the Regency Ballroom.
Prom is being held at the Regency Ballroom.

“Prom has always been one of the most important events that ASB puts on each year.  It’s important to make sure that prom is memorable for everyone and that’s our priority,”  sophomore Sam Levy said.

A Carlmont student typically only has two proms — one junior year and one senior year. However, an upperclassmen can ask an underclassmen in which case both are allowed to attend.

The rarity of this event creates an importance to its participants because they are meant to be memorable and enjoyable.

ASB has two main jobs besides the overall planning of the event: gathering all the money from ticket purchases and contacting sources to be sure everything is ready for the special day.

“The first thing we do in the Finance Commission is collect all the money, validate it, and store it to pay the funds required for an event like prom,” junior Omid Afshar said.

Prom tickets are expensive and handling the money is not an easy task. The Finance Commission works with thousands of dollars to ensure each student’s attendance and expenses.

In addition to the money involved with prom, ASB is also responsible for advertising and publicizing the April dance. They make posters, banners, and signs to let students know about the upcoming dance.

Countless hours of drawing, planning, cutting, gluing, taping, and coloring are done by ASB’s publicity commission, the commission mostly responsible for the advertising of our school’s major events.

As a part of advertising and finances, perhaps the most crucial part of the whole event is contacting and planning the decorators, Disk Jockey, and any other business involved in the overall event.

“Prom is a stressful yet rewarding event each year,” sophomore Cailan Cumming said. “The Dance Commission has been working so hard these past few weeks to finalize everything and make sure nothing goes wrong.”

This year’s theme is “Cirque de la Lune,” and the majority of Carlmont’s upperclassmen will be seen at prom on their special night.