CarlmontCon celebrates young musicians and entrepreneurs


Anna Delmas

Sain Brain performed originals and covers to the music of a guitar, bass, and drums.

Anna Delmas, Staff Writer

CarlmontCon: The one chance a year for seniors to show off their impressive vocals or display their businesses that they’ve worked hard on.

ASB hosts a variety of events throughout the year, but CarlmontCon is one of the few whose purpose is to highlight individual creators from the school. Based on the event ComplexCon, Carlmont has brought the idea into their own light and are continuing to evolve it.

Valerie Wang, a senior and president of ASB, helped coordinate the complex stage set up, complete with separate lighting from the normal gym lighting and a professional stage.

“CarlmontCon is a student business convention and music festival that is hosted by the senior class,” Wang said. “All of our performers and primary businesses are seniors and the event is to highlight all of the work that they’ve put into their craft this past year.”

One half of the gym was devoted to the music, with the stage, lighting, and sound setup. The other side hosted the business booths, with tarot card readings, food, a scrunchy business, three clothing brands, and more. There was also a ping pong table to add to the fun, energetic feeling in the room.

Both VIP and general admission tickets were available. VIP tickets got a Popeyes meal and a TPumps drink along with their general admission ticket.

Tickets were sold in three tiers. The first round starting at $5 for general admission and $12 for VIP tickets, the second being $7 and $15, and the third going for $10 and $18.

One of the headliners, Wheezy Salem, a senior, expressed his excitement for the opportunity, explaining the chance that it provides for student musicians.

“I would say it was an awesome experience being surrounded by other like-minded musicians at Carlmont that got a chance to have their voices heard,” Salem said. “The energy and excitement were definitely all there.”

Ben Ledwith, a senior, has been selling his brand online, but CarlmontCon finally gave him a chance to show off and sell his products in person.

“Hopefully more people who have heard about Surrender but don’t actually know what it’s about will have the chance to check it out,” Ledwith said. “I’m lucky to already have support from many of my classmates and being able to bring a physical representation of my business to the school is exciting.”