Carlmont’s Got Talent showcases student voices

Rachel Borshchenko and Minh-Han Vu

At Carlmont, many students have unknown talents that have never been seen by others. During the weeks of April 18 and April 25, these talents were shown for all of Carlmont's student body and faculty to witness.

ASB organized a talent show in the quad in order for students to be recognized for the unique abilities they have to offer. Acts include a magician, stilt walkers, and many more students with various talents.

"The show and all the acts were really cute, and it was good entertainment to have during lunch," said sophomore Clara Butler.

This is the first year that ASB has organized an event by this name, but in past years separate events such as the rap battle held in 2015 have had the same purpose. Carlmont's Got Talent is a combination of all the skills the student community has to offer.

Amy Yolland, a sophomore who participated in Carlmont's Got Talent, said, "I decided to participate because I told my friend that there would be a Carlmont's Got Talent and then she said she wanted to do it. I told her that I would do it with her if we come up with a good talent to show off, and we ended up walking on stilts."

This activity, along with most others put on by ASB, was held in the quad, which was filled with spectators as they watched each day of the two-week show.

Sophomore Cameron Ho said, "I liked watching each day of the talent show. It was really interesting to see all of the talents at the school that I had never noticed before. I hope that ASB does this again next year."

Many students enjoyed seeing the variety of acts that the lunchtime activity had to offer.

"Carlmont's Got Talent helps benefit Carlmont because it allows people who have hidden talents and who aren't in music or dance to show their skills," said Yolland.

One of the hopes is that after this talent show, students will have a greater appreciation and awareness for the diversity of talent that exists at Carlmont.