Carlmont’s stand against cancer


American Cancer Society, the official sponsor of birthdays.

Sabrina Talpur, Staff Writer

“When someone has cancer, it affects not only that person but everyone else around them. In the long run so many people are targeted by the disease and I’ve always wanted to help find a way to a cure or at least educate people on the issue,” said senior Sandra Blumer.

Carlmont’s American Cancer Society Club is doing just that. The ACS club, which is part of the American Cancer Society San Mateo Youth Council, is dedicated to raising awareness of cancer as well as cancer prevention. All members of the club are passionately committed to saving lives from cancer.

“We’re all a part of this club to make sure cancer can never steal another year from somebody’s life,” said President Bita Sharvini.

The ACS Club is filled with students who are interested in taking a part of cancer prevention activities in our school, as well as our community.  Activities such as developing healthy environments, promoting healthy choices, and helping to fundraise for the American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer.

One of the main ways the club is going to raise money for the American Cancer Society is through Relay for Life in July. Generally speaking, Relay for Life is an incredibly meaningful event for the club and American Cancer Society as a whole. But the ACS Club also has some plans coming up this December.

Senior Gabi Natoli said, “In December we are planning a day to create gift bags of simple arts and crafts things for children in the oncology department at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital.”

The club is hoping to plan more events but not many meetings have been in place yet, so the members are still in a brainstorming process.

ACS Club is seeking new members, preferably any underclassmen interested due to the fact most members are seniors. If interested feel free to drop on by the meetings. The club meets on Mondays in room E11 with staff advisor Robert Tsuchiyama.

American Cancer Society, the official sponsor of birthdays.
American Cancer Society, the official sponsor of birthdays.