Carnival brings fun and games to Carlmont


Anna Delmas

Students battle each other in Ping Pong as one of the many activities of the carnival.

Anna Delmas , Staff Writer

Spin the wheel, duck matching, cornhole, and ASMR were just some of the activities that drew students to Carlmont’s carnival on Friday.

A group of eight people from the freshman ASB class have been working since February to plan for the carnival. To ensure that everything ran smoothly they tested all the games a bunch of times and thought through all the tiny details. With so many variables to plan for, they split into groups to brainstorm ideas for food, activities, and decorations.

At the carnival, students could play a bunch of fun games, and some even had prizes. People also could make a stress ball, or eat fun carnival themed foods like churros and cotton candy.

With spring break starting the next week, the carnival made the last day at school a fun one.

“Our goal was to find a well-rounded activity that everyone could enjoy and look forward to as a way to start off their break,” said Katelyn Nightengale, a freshman and member of ASB. “I was so happy to see it reach out to so many people. It was amazing to see so many Carlmont students come and enjoy the food, games, or each other’s company during lunch.”

Although they were hoping for a good turnout, their expectations were more than met when so many people decided to attend.

“We were expecting 50 people, but we had so many more than that! My booth, spin the wheel, ran out of Izzes in less than five minutes,” said Penny Hieth, a freshman and member of ASB. “I think that our games had a positive effect on the student body. We saw people having fun when they won, people still laughing if they lost, and just what generally seemed like most people having a great time.”

The event was a success with a great turnout and a lot of people from all the grades having fun the whole time.

“It was really enjoyable and a wonderful way to kick off spring break,” said Marguerite Fields, a freshman. “I did the donut on a string game and had so much fun! It was a little difficult but I got a yummy donut in the end so it all worked out!”