Celebration assembly brings back bedtime stories

Izzy Mitchell, Staff Writer

Many people grew up listening to adventurous tales such as Where the Wild Things AreGoodnight Moon, and other bedtime stories.

As high schoolers are entrenched in their studies and extracurriculars, most tend to forget these childhood classics in the midst of the complicated plots of Shakespearian plays and other rigorous novels.

With a theme designed to remind students of their favorite stories from childhood, Carlmont held the Celebration Assembly in the Terry Stogner Gym on May 19.

“The theme is the first thing we pick by brainstorming something we think everyone would enjoy,” said senior Annie Klups, who helped to organize the assembly.

While entering the gym, students were greeted with the sounds of a bagpipe played by sophomore Adrian Putz. This is the last time Putz will be playing at an assembly as he is moving to Germany next year.

“I am going to miss playing in front of such a large group and the appreciation from many students and staff for my bagpiping,” said Putz.

To begin the assembly, senior Timmy Miller pretended to be asleep on a mattress while his brother, freshman Jay Miller, woke him up to go to school. The two brothers acted in various scenes throughout the assembly including skits of them performing a dance final, the PE swim unit, and attending graduation.

Junior Julia Kelly said, “My favorite performance of Jay and Timmy was when they were doing the PE dance final. I thought it was really funny and it made it even better that they were brothers.”

Performances in the assembly included cheer, choir, dance, Drumline, and instrumental players.


The winner of Carlmont’s Got Talent, Monty’s Pitches, also performed an a cappella piece. Their arrangement included songs such as Drake’s “One Dance” and Fetty Wap’s “My Way.”

“I arranged the mashup for our group and the ‘Viva la Vida’ piece with Drumline. I had around a week to finish both of these once our group found out we won Carlmont’s Got Talent,” said junior Snehal Pandey.

ASB also conducted a survey prior to the assembly that recognized Justin Raisner as the teacher of the year and Muslim Fellowship as the club of the year.

Sophomore Salma Sebt said, “Mr. Raisner deserved to win teacher of the year award because he is a great teacher. He leaves a permanent mark in the hearts of his students in a way that no other teacher can. He is very understanding and will listen to just about anything you need to say.”

One of the last performances was by a group of seniors including Sam Levy, Jay Russell, and Theo Chatman, who created a senior rap song based on “Pop Style” by Drake.

“I thought the senior rap was pretty good and was practiced well enough to be performed. I’m going to miss the spirit, the excitement, and of course, the performances in that gym,” said senior Mario Valenzuela.