Choir does holiday fundraising for Seattle


Estella Lippi

One of the many Poinsettia forms that will be passed out by Carlmont choir students this year.

Estella Lippi, Scotcenter Editor-in-Chief

Carlmont’s choir is going on their annual tour and this year they’re headed for Washington’s capitol, Seattle. To help fund for the trip choir students are having a Holiday Poinsettia fundraiser.  

The holiday flowers are $20 each and for every flower they sell $10 goes into their choir tour fund. The whole trip comes to a total of $950, not including lunches for the five days that they will be there. Students are asking everyone they can and are determined to sell as many poinsettias as possible. 

Senior Stephanie Ravenelle said, “[The] poinsettias help so much because a lot of people don’t have the kind of money to pay for the tour, especially since it is out of state.”

The trip includes multiple choir clinics, a trip to the Space Needle, a choir prom, museum trips, a visit to the original Starbucks and many more fun activities.

Alyssa Feigelson, a senior who has gone on choir tours since freshmen year, said, “I love the choir tour it’s really an opportunity to bond with all your friends. This year we’re flying, but the past two years we drove down in a bus. There’s so many of us but it’s just fun to hang out.”

The choir trip is looked forward to by many students but some kids can’t manage to afford it. Luckily, because of the fundraiser, kids can actually pay for their entire trip.

Junior Devon Paragas said, “Logan Jones, who is a senior this year, sold 32 just like last year. In the past, there was a girl who sold 60 poinsettias. She got to pay for herself and somebody else.”

Support Carlmont’s choir program by purchasing Poinsettias. Feigelson said, “Its really fun and for the people in choir that haven’t decided if they want to go yet, go. Its awesome. If your not in choir, join choir.”

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