Christian Club celebrates faith and sense of community

“God is a spirit. He’s a person. He’s everywhere. He has performed miracles and was willing to give up his son to save our sins and he loves us all no matter who we are unconditionally.” – Darby Bryan


Cameron Garcia Brown

This friendship and faith cross belongs to Darby Bryan and her best friend who moved away. She had given the necklace to Bryan before she left and owns the inside of the cross as a symbol of friendship.

Cameron Garcia Brown, Staff Writer

If someone is looking to express how they feel, make some new friends, or just be in a safe space to hang out, the Christian Club has open arms to the public even if someone does not believe in Christianity or God. Juniors Kalea Pasion, Drake Zhao, and Kiran Boone all hold different roles as club officials, but consider themselves equal leaders to help guide the club members.

“In Christian Club, we offer a friendly accepting community to show God’s love to all people on and off campus. We want to show people that Christianity is based on love — versus the stereotypical judgmental group of society — and hold civil discussions open to people of all faiths,” said Pasion.

Pasion became a club official because she wanted to improve the functions of the club by doing more work for the community, gaining more of a friendly appeal, and reaching out to become more involved with the school.

Boone, who has been a part of Christian Club since her freshman year said, “We made a point of saying that every single person is able to come and it doesn’t matter if you are Christian or if you aren’t or if you have no idea what Christianity is about, if you are against Christianity, or if you think you’re not in a group that Christians accept — which isn’t a thing. Jesus loves everyone so everyone is accepted in our club.”

Now a junior, she finds it important to stay till her senior year and help others feel loved.

Boone said, “I joined Christian Club because I am pretty strong in my faith and I thought it was important to get together with other people who share my beliefs and values.”

In Christian Club, the club members hold discussions on what their beliefs are or views on various topics typically based around the Bible. Some days may be more simple with conversations about each member’s week so they can feel more relaxed at school.

However, during this semester, they are hosting three-part Bible studies talking about the fundamentals of Christian faith, forgiveness, trust in God, self-worth, and value of serving others.

During holidays such as Christmas and Easter, Christian Club throws parties to celebrate their faith. They also hold smaller discussions to make sure they know what they are celebrating and why.

Boone said, “We aren’t just celebrating a commercialized holiday; we take a couple minutes to really talk about what we are celebrating.”

Through the celebrations of faith and God, Christian Club has welcomed new in comers to the club such as a freshman Darby Bryan.

Bryan said, “It’s fun being in Christian Club because you get closer friendships and you can really grow in Christ.”

Bryan joined Christian Club to gain friends and help her faith grow. Her older sister Kate Bryan was once a club official and hopes to follow in her footsteps one day and become a leader.

Overall, Christian Club aims to be a safe space to be heard and an easy way to make fast friends through their welcoming community appeal.