Cinematic arts club fosters content creators


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Cinematic arts club provides an environment for students interested in film and related fields to collaborate and work on projects relating to the different aspects of cinema.

Andrey Zaytsev, Staff Writer

The film and animation clubs joined together at the beginning of this year to form the cinematic arts club in Room F10.

The room provides a perfect environment for club members to work on the many different aspects of cinema. Visual arts teacher Joshua Sheridan uses the room to teach digital art and digital photography, so all the computers inside have all the tools one would need for video production.

Apart from meeting in the club every Friday, club members occasionally get together outside of class and work on small film projects. After merging and becoming a brand new club, the cinematic arts club gained a substantial amount of new members. They have many plans for the future.

Club President Marlon Fu said, “We plan on starting off small, making a couple of skits so that all the club members can get their feet wet, but eventually hope to take on more ambitious projects. We used to get together outside of school and produce film shorts on our own, and after we merged we decided to lead more group-based projects, but that is yet to happen.”

The cinematic arts club can serve as a place where students can learn about filmmaking, seeing as the film class did not have enough students this year.

We want our members to be able to do something they like. Many people took animation classes in middle school. This club is for the people who don’t have time to take a class, so they can come to our club and do what they like here. A film class did not land this year, and we’ve been getting quite a bit of members for most of our meetings because of that,” said club Vice President Jonathan Yip.

The cinematic industry’s many components means that there are lots of areas where club members may share similar interests.

Personally, I think film is one of the greatest arts because it combines visual art, music, and everything else like that. It’s like a good middle ground,” Fu said.

Many club members feel that the club is a good environment to share ideas and collaborate with other content creators who have a similar passion.

Freshman Caden Posse says, “I like how the club accepts all ideas and how you can work together so easily. There’s no judgment or hesitation; you just put your ideas out the table, and everyone works together to make it happen.”