Clubs Fair: what it takes to make it happen

Clubs Fair: what it takes to make it happen

Julia Kranzler, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s annual Clubs Fair on Oct. 3 plans to recruit perspective club members in an exciting and entertaining way.

Clubs Fair, which is held every year in the quad, is a lunchtime event administered by ASB in the hopes of receiving more club involvement.

ASB senior Bita Sharvini, described Clubs Fair as a way to “learn more about clubs and how to participate and join.”

Some clubs sell food or other goodies to fundraise or encourage students to join.

“The Green Youth Alliance will be there selling Lorenzo’s (sandwiches).” added Sharvini.

The Black Student Union, American Cancer Society, and Persian Club will also be in attendance.

Sharvini discussed some of the major challenges surrounding Clubs Fair; communication and regulations.

Sharvini said, “It is difficult to communicate with many of the clubs…also, if they are selling food, they must meet regulations, which are more stringent this year.”

In regards to how smoothly the fair will run this year, ASB junior Veronica Pontis provided some insight. “We tried to organize it better this year so there wouldn’t be as much traffic, so we’re hoping it will turn out well because we worked really hard on it.”, she said.

Many people are intrigued by Clubs Fair for the food and entertainment it has to offer, but it stands for a greater purpose. ASB sophomore Cailyn Cumming encourages students to attend Clubs Fair because “it’s a great way to get involved in the school and for kids to participate. Also, there are some really cool new clubs this year , so everyone should come check it out.”.