Coach-less JV girls dominate Panthers in two-set victory


Anthony Eliopoulos

Sophomore Nadia Fedetova ferociously spikes the ball on the Panthers defense.

Carlmont’s JV girls volleyball team easily defeated the Burlingame Panthers to carry on their winning streak after being left coach-less due to the firing of their former coach.

Carlmont won the first set 25-21 and the second set 26-24 in triumphant fashion. The team’s composure and resiliency helped them carry their way to victory up to the last serve, but many are still wondering what their current coaching status looks like. Last week, the former JV girls coach was fired after being with the team for less than a season.

For now, physical education teacher Irene Oliveira is taking the head coach spot along with the assistance of Michael Lapuz, girls and boys varsity head coach.

Oliveira has past experience coaching Carlmont sports too, having coached Carlmont volleyball for six years and basketball for 10. Lapuz is currently the head coach for the girls varsity team as well as the boys varsity team and is an experienced volleyball coach.

“I was just told that it was an emergency situation. They needed me to step in if I could, and I was more than willing to,” Oliveira said.

Anthony Eliopoulos
Sophomore Joselyn Moore scores during the second set.

According to freshman Eden Abrams-Scheppler, the former coach allegedly said certain comments that are not suited for girls of this age. However, the team is not letting this situation bring them down, believing their team chemistry is better than ever as they extend their four-game win streak.

“The dynamic of the team was positively impacted when our coach left. We are all a lot happier and less stressed because we can rely on Coach Oliveira for making good decisions for the team and supporting us no matter what,” sophomore Keani Haake said.

“Overall, we are just having more fun and it’s been way less stressful since our last coach left,” Abrams-Scheppler said.

For now, Oliveira’s spot is temporary until the team can get another coach. The girls JV team has gone through two coaching staffs in less than a season. Their coach from last year left after their season and their most recent coach was fired in less than five games in this new season. For now, Oliveira has no problem coaching the girls.

Anthony Eliopoulos
Girls Scots join a huddle in the first set.

“I love them. I think they’re a great group of kids, they want to work hard, they’re motivated, they want to learn and those are really the keys to being successful. Overall, they’re just a fantastic group of kids,” Oliveira said.

As the season goes on, fans will see how the coaching staff will change and see how the team is affected by it.

The team’s next game is Saturday, Oct. 5 at Independence High School. To see all future games and events, visit the Carlmont Athletics website.