Conforming to ‘white girl’ fashion for comfort


Freshman, Caileigh Mann is wearing a “white girl” outfit.

Ariana Crame, Staff Writer

Everyone has seen at least one girl walking around in what everyone is calling a “white girl” outfit, which includes UGG boots, leggings/yoga pants, and a Juicy jacket and/or a North Face jacket.

Many female students at Carlmont wear this uniform. Some people do it to fit in and others do it just to be comfortable.

Sophomore Cheyenne Torres said, “A lot of the ‘popular’ students wear that kind of outfit a lot and people want to be like them.”

The “white girl attire” got its name from all of the American teenagers who started the trend. Teenagers post on social media wearing UGG boots, legging/yoga pants, and Juicy/North Face jackets. This trend caught on and people started wearing it because it’s the new societal norm.

Society has painted a pretty good picture of what most people wear or do. Many people, especially those in high school, will do anything to blend in with the crowd, so they replicate the outfits to look like everyone else.

Sophomore Camron Dennler said, “People probably think ‘oh everyone wears this so I will too.’”

Freshman Caileigh Mann said, “I think that most girls wear that kind of attire because it’s an easy outfit that is comfortable.”

High schoolers want to look good, and finding an easy, comfortable outfit that makes them look good is the best of both worlds. When they find a combination  that fulfills both needs they will be all over it. Torres said, “It’s an outfit that makes you look good but not too good.”

“White girl” attire isn’t limited to just people of the white nationality. Many races wear it and it is an inaccurate label. Dennler said it should be called “high-schooler attire” because the majority of people wearing the outfits are teenagers in high school. “White girl” attire is something that all teenagers wear, not just a certain race.

Fashion for girls is convenient because they can look good, be comfortable, and fit in with everyone else.