Congratulations we’re all aware you’re single

Congratulations were all aware youre single

Ayesha Abbasi, Social Media Editor/Columnist

With Valentine’s day around the corner and teen angst at an all time high, many people feel the need express their “loneliness.”

Everyone has a friend who says that they’re “forever alone,” and if you don’t have that friend, then you are that friend.

"forever alone"

The sudden realization that one lacks some sort of significant other is always struck up by seeing couples expressing their affection. Gooey cards and flowers at almost every store front isn’t exactly avoidable, but being outwardly annoyed about holiday often comes across as pathetic, especially as a teenager.

Many of us have been living on this earth for a maximum of 16-17 years. There’s an entire life ahead of us but many refuse to accept this and drag on with their melodramatic lives.

One can find herds of teens on Valentine’s day whining and complaining about “how much better the day would be if they could spend it with someone they loved.”

What do you not love your family? Do you not love your friends? Do you enjoy being self-indulged in your own little pity party?

One day doesn’t mean anything what about the other 364 (365 on a leap year) where everyone’s totally fine and you still don’t have that significant other, why aren’t you “forever alone” then? What’s the point of spending a perfectly fine day wasted on the depressing fact that you can’t  have the love of your life already by your side. There are so many years ahead to find that person.

But what that’s not all, statistics show that 15 percent of women send flowers to themselves. Instead of wasting money on a commercially driven holiday, one can and should take the time to find the real origin of V-day.

It’s a very old and religious holiday centered around Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day was an ancient Roman tradition. Emperor Claudius II decided young men should be soldiers, so he outlawed marriage. Valentine was upset and spoke out. He was thrown into prison and put to death. Before his death, Valentine wrote a letter to his love and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

There’s not much known about who exactly St.Valentine was; it’s a toss up between a priest, a bishop, and some random guy in Africa.

If you’re taking anything away from this article at all, take away the fact that it’s a holiday based around a hopeless romantic who died.

This year try and remember the reason why Valentine’s Day is a thing and maybe you’ll find yourself complaining less, just maybe.