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The power of words through creative writing is strong.

Sabrina Talpur, Staff Writer

“Creative reWriters Club is for writers and poets who want to further explore their talents by trying out different writing techniques and styles,” said senior and Vice President Adrielle Van Amsterdam.

Creative reWriters focuses on the sharing and discussion of student writings, focusing a lot on the exploration of the creative process. Especially in relation to fictional writing, poetry writing, and short stories.

The power of words through creative writing is strong.
The power of words through creative writing is strong.

The club starts off with focusing on some particularly well known pieces of poetry or fiction at the start of their meetings, later shifting onto works written by the student themselves. The students read aloud the pieces they have worked on and receive constructive criticism back from their fellow peers.

“For the most part I think also, it’s helping especially younger writers get accustom  to constructive criticism, which can be difficult,” said senior and President Kenzie Phillips. “But at the same I think this club helps them. And a lot of times we’ve seen over the last couple of years, we’ve really improved. So we’re hoping some of the underclassmen will sort of improve their technique over the next couple of years.”

The purpose of this club is to create an area where fellow students feel free to express themselves through written word.

“It’s a really good way for people to get feedback on their writing,” said senior Malone Ahern.

Creative reWriters Club has grown exponentially from when Phillips and Amsterdam first joined.  The club is always up for new members who would like to join as well. They meet every Thursday in A16 with Carolyn Wallace as their staff sponsor.