CSF Club provides scholarship and volunteer opportunities


Taya Yakovenko

CSF club members discuss the current application process during one of the club meetings that are usually held in C13 every other Wednesday.

Taya Yakovenko, Staff Writer

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is an honors society that strives to recognize students with high academic achievements. Students created CSF Club in order to provide others with opportunities to get more involved in the community and apply for scholarships.

According to Katrina Wong, a junior and vice president of the club: “The purpose of this club is to create a wider community of academically-prominent students and give them more opportunities to volunteer.”

The club enables its members to access exclusive scholarships as well as give back to the community by volunteering for various events.

“The main goal of the club is to allow academically-outstanding students to immerse themselves into the community,” Carissa Wong, a junior and a secretary, said. “In addition, the opportunities that the club provides would prepare students for college since the scholarships teach them how to be conscious about the cost of the higher education.”

The club accepts applications that would give students a chance to apply for special scholarships that are managed by the federation. Such scholarships are exclusive to CSF members.

Besides applying for various scholarships, students also volunteer in the community.

“In the past, we have made cards for children at hospitals, volunteered at concerts, and music festivals. Volunteering at concerts and music festivals really benefited the music department at Carlmont,” Yannie Lam, a junior and club president, said.

The club and its members keep in touch with organizations that they worked with before in order to keep helping the community.

“We still keep in touch with Redwood and Peninsula Symphony,” Lam said. “In addition, we want to do a toiletries drive for homeless people in a few weeks.”

Students who wish to become more active in their community and are interested in applying for scholarships are welcome to submit their application. The applications are collected every semester, which allows students to become or continue to be members at CSF.

Since CSF is an honors society, there are several requirements in order to qualify to be a member.

Lam said, “There are a few requirements that students have to fulfill in order to join. For example, students have to maintain a certain GPA and pay a small fee.”

More details about the program and application process can be found on the official CSF website.