Dancing in a winter wonderland

Winter formal will take place at Fox Theater


Winter formal will take place at Fox Theater

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

A familiar scene is occurring this January. A girl walks to her car to be surprised by a boy with flowers and a sign that says “Formal?”

Even though the second semester has just begun, formal is already here. It will occur on Jan. 31 and will be held at Fox Theater in Downtown Redwood City.

Every year formal has a different theme. Last years theme was Under the Sea, but this year will be a Winter Wonderland theme. The Winter Wonderland theme was chosen because of the numerous options ASB could work with.

“We chose the Winter Wonderland theme because we felt there was a lot we could do with it regarding decorations, invitations and favors,” said the dance supervisor Jen Anthony.

Just like every year, ASB organizes all the school dances for the students. ASB organizes all the school dances based on options, but also brings the past into account. They always listen to what people say about the past dances to improve the current year’s dance.

“I think the dance will go extremely well because we’ve listened to what people said from other formals and improved them this time around. We will have so many more decorations that will really transform the theater into a Winter Wonderland,” said the dance commissioner Andrew Wach.

ASB has high expectations for this year’s winter formal, but so do the freshmen. The freshman class will be going to their first winter formal dance in high school and they hope that their first experience will be a good one.

“I expect a lot of a fancy decorations and the place to be crowded since it’s an important dance,” said freshman Henry Reich.

Freshmen students are not the only ones with high expectations.

Students from the upper class are expecting winter formal to be different than the past couple of years because of the Winter Wonderland theme.

“The dances are always fun, but I think this year will be better. With an awesome theme, I think ASB will do a good job organizing the dance this year,” said junior Lauren McDonnell.