DECA finalizes plans for upcoming conference

DECA finalizes plans for upcoming conference

Taran Sun, Staff Writer

The DECA club met on Oct. 31 to discuss upcoming DECA conferences where the club can showcase their skills and knowledge of the business world.

The Carlmont DECA club is one of many around the country, and is part of the national Distributive Education Clubs of America organization. DECA’s main focus is business, and in order to gain hands-on experience of activities in the business world club members plan to attend the November DECA conference from Nov. 15 -17.

Club president Kevin Liu said, “The conference is an opportunity for people who may think they are interested in business to get exposed to the business world.”

Liu went on to explain how the conference was conducted: “There are a series of practice interviews and other business workshops. This gives us a chance to compete in different areas of business knowledge and skills.”

DECA was originally founded in 1946, and today it is an important organization that has influenced over 10,000,000 students and educators nationwide in the mission to succeed and obtain proficiency in the world of business.

The members of DECA are prepared for the upcoming November conference, and Teva Kohavi, DECA club member, related the conference back to the goal of the club: “The idea is to promote the study of business and entrepreneurship.”

Senior DECA member Ryan Pau said the reason he is part of DECA is “DECA focuses on marketing, finance, and other areas of what we know as “business.” Business runs the world, its essential that we learn business skills so that we can [do well] in our future.”

Pau went on to suggest an even greater role for DECA: “I personally think DECA should be an actual class, because I think everyone needs to learn business skills to succeed.”

Carlmont DECA plans to attend an upcoming DECA conference in January, another one in February, and the International DECA Conference in May.

DECA is dedicated to giving students a foothold in the world of business, and the DECA conferences are a solid foundation for this goal.