DECA prepares students for the real world


Arianna Bayangos

Carlmont’s DECA club members work together to achieve their goals.

Megan Tao, Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief

The world of business is a competitive field, but there are ways to get ahead of the game.

This past weekend, Carlmont’s DECA club participated in a leadership conference that taught participating club members leadership, organization, and communication skills needed to be successful in the business world.

Sophomore River Manochio, a member of DECA said, “The event taught me useful skills I can use when I pursue my career as a computer programmer.”

Senior Ashley Cheung, Vice President of Fundraising, said, “Even though I know I’m not pursuing a career in business, the leadership and communication skills I learned can be put to use in practically any career. The event was also a good relationship building experience with friends.”

The event provided students with different panels such as investment banking and entrepreneur leadership. These panels put students in real life situations such as pitching a product to a company or modeling a start-up business.

“These panels showed us effective strategies when presenting a product and taught me how to act professional when I’m in an interview,” said sophomore Spencer Enriquez, a member of DECA.

At the event, returning members of DECA put on a presentation for new members of DECA to show them how the skills you learn in the club and the events are beneficial.

The conference also acted as an introduction to the upcoming DECA competitions in the spring. The competitions vary from written tests that test your knowledge on business to live interviews- for fictitious companies- that evaluate your interview skills. The live interviews are organized into different levels you can advance to depending on how well you interviewed in the first round.

DECA meets every Thursday in room D16 at lunch.

“The goal of the panels was to put you in real life situations that help you be prepared for the real world,” said Enriquez.