Dogs in the quad relieve students’ stress

Ivy Nguyen, Staff Writer

May 13 was a great opportunity for Carlmont students to de-stress after two grueling weeks of Advanced Placement (AP) exams. The Peninsula Humane Society brought in service dogs and, during lunch, the dogs were in an arena in the quad for Carlmont students to play with.

“I just got out of the AP Microeconomics test, so having the dogs here is perfect. I can just relax with the dogs and enjoy the rest of my day, now that exams are over,” said senior Thomas Chin.

Even Principal Ralph Crame, Instructional Vice Principal Jennifer Cho, and Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg came to see the dogs and enjoy the festivities.

Crame said, “This is amazing! I’m proud that ASB organized this and brought the dogs in for the students. I think it’s a wonderful experience for everybody.”

Even though AP exams were over, finals were still in the back of the minds of Carlmont students.

Senior Lizzy Doctorov said, “I volunteer at the Peninsula Humane Society, and I think this is the best thing ASB has ever done. With AP exams finishing up and finals coming up, it’s great to have the relaxing presence of animals at school.”