Donating blood paves the way for saving lives

Amy Fullerton, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again when blood starts being collected by the pint.

This year’s blood drive, organized by the Do Something Commission and Red Cross Club, is an event dedicated to saving lives. Students who participate skip part of their school day to give about a pint of their own blood.

Shelby Young, a junior and Do Something Commissioner, believes that donating blood is a great way to get involved.

“Donating blood a really easy way to save lives. It’s conveniently at school, and is a simple way to get involved in others lives by just donating blood,” said Young.

For countless students, donating blood is another way to pay it forward for others who are not as fortunate as they are. Liam Gunning, a junior, thinks that donating blood is a process that could benefit the lives of many.

“Any opportunity to provide something for people who don’t have as much as we do and might need is something any good citizen should do,” said Gunning.

For donators, the process of scanning and checking blood begins immediately after blood has been taken. According to The Red Cross, donated blood goes through dozens of tests, such as finding out the donor’s blood type and testing for infectious diseases.

For Chase Nilsen, a senior, his blood is in high demand due to the necessity of it by blood banks. His blood type can be transfused into any person if needed, regardless of their blood type.

“I have O negative blood, which is the universal donor. I’ve had a lot of needles pricked into me, so I thought why not donate blood today because it will end up helping a lot of people,” said Nilsen.

The event went by without a hitch, and many lives will be saved due to the students who spent their time donating blood. Many students said they enjoyed the experience and will most definitely consider donating blood in the future.

“My time today donating blood was honestly very relaxing. The process was really simple, and I got to lay in a bed for 15 minutes while helping people in the long run. I will definitely donate blood in the future,” said Nilsen.