Drake and Future take the number one spot

Drake and Future take number one



Drake performs in front of an enthusiatic crowd in Toronto, Canada, his home town.

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Rappers Drake and Future take the number one spot on Billboard’s top 200 albums with their new hit mixtape “What a Time to be Alive.” The surprise mixtape was released on Sept. 20 and quickly made its way up through Billboard’s top 200 albums chart based on its streaming time and the number of mix tapes sold. The new hit mix tape also made its way up to the number one album on iTunes.

The new hip-hop mixtape, that consists of 11 fast-paced, well-produced songs is worth paying $9.99 on iTunes for. All of the songs in the mixtape have a well-done flow to them while transitioning verses between Drake and Future. “What a Time to be Alive” consists of many booming rhythms and hard-hitting basses while the two rappers rapidly spit out verses that would make you want to get on your feet and dance.

“What a Time to be Alive” no doubt was a great album due to Drake and Future’s previous chemistry in the recording studio. Drake has had at least one feature in every one of Future’s previous albums including his latest album “DS2” where they both collaborated to make one of Future’s greatest hits “Where Ya At.”

The mixtape’s top songs are “Digital Dash,” “I’m the Plug,” and “Jumpman” by popular vote. In these three fast-paced songs, both Drake and Future have a more conceited tone in their verses unlike other songs in their mixtape such as “Plastic Bag.” The main topic that both Drake and Future rhyme about in their new mixtape is being wealthy. This is not a new topic that both of the artists are rapping about. In many of their past albums, they have rapped about all of the luxuries and valuable items that they own.

You can now buy the mixtape on iTunes for $9.99. Parental Advisory, Explicit Content.

4 / 5 stars