Drake’s new album is a let down

Drakes new album, Views, was a miss.

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Drake’s new album, “Views,” was a miss.

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

An astonishing amount of people were dying to hear Drake’s latest album, “Views,” which he released on April 29.

Both Drake fans and hip-hop listeners were counting down the days to the album release since the day Drake mentioned his new album. The album had a lot of hype around it, especially on social media.

Before it released, thousands of people, myself included, assumed that it would be an instant hit, but once I heard the album multiple times, I realized that it did not live up to all the positive talk.

Personally, I thought the album was boring; there was nothing good about it, which was odd because Drake’s prior two albums were unbelievable.

Despite the fact that it featured award winning artists such as Future, Jay Z, and Kanye West, when I finished listening to the album, I was not impressed.

Although the beats were reasonably strong, the lyrics did not flow, giving the album a sad feeling.

This caught me by surprise because Drake is not the type of artist to have an album with such a sorrowful tone to it. He usually creates music that makes you want to sing and dance, not be depressed.

This album did not feel like a Drake album. Instead, it sounded more like something that Frank Ocean would compose, which I personally think is not good.

The album was not completely bad. Despite the sorrowful tone of the songs, the lyrics were still pretty good. They were well-written and told a story. The stories made an impact and left the listener thinking.

“Views” is one of the weakest albums Drake has ever released, but I’m almost certain his next album will be a hit.

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