Drama IV Showcase highlights the year


Chesirae Barbano

Sophomore Rosie Asmar and senior Sophie Haddad face off during their 2016 Showcase scene.

Chesirae Barbano, Staff Writer

With finals weeks approaching quickly, Drama IV produced their last show of the year. 

The curtains rose on May 14 for the annual Showcase that demonstrated a short summary of the students’ year.

According to senior Annie Klups, the night featured a variety of dramatic and comedic scripts, which were written by both Drama IV students and professionals.

“It’s a good balance. We hope the audience will really enjoy what we’ve been working on,” said Klups.

Both “Skyler’s Monologue,” which was performed and written by sophomore Jasmine Zang, and “The Proposal,” which was performed by freshman Travis Mathers and junior Megan Wadleigh, were based upon either assignments or an improvisation technique taught in class.

The production included monologues from Diner on Washington Street, as well as a personal monologue from senior Percival McDaniels addressing the talent of Drama IV.

Wadleigh said, “I think that the Showcase is a nice way to end the year and send the seniors off. Also, it’s a nice way to reflect on what you personally have done well as an actor over the course of the year.”

Despite the 2016 Showcase being a smaller production process than the One Act Festival in April, seniors McDaniel, Sophie Haddad, Lauren Young, Claire Gonzalez, Denis Yudin, Dana Reynolds, Klups, and Shay Zalavadia performed their last Carlmont show. 

With the class of 2016 departing, Young advises the next actors and writers to be open minded. 

“I was very happy to be doing the Showcase as my last performance because I got to choose a scene I really wanted to do. I’m definitely going to miss drama, but it was one of the best experiences I had in high school and I’m glad I got the chance to do it. [Showcase] really shows why they students enjoy drama,” said Young.