Embracing Carlmont culture


Bobby Solomon in Carlmont’s production of The Laramie Project.

Athena Duran, Staff Writer

Being the new kid can be intimidating and nerve racking. However, for senior Bobby Solomon moving to the Bay Area from San Diego was quite the opposite.

Solomon said, “I’ve moved around a lot, so it was nothing new. Coming to Carlmont I was excited for a new experience.”

Bobby Solomon in Carlmont's production of The Laramie Project.
Bobby Solomon in Carlmont’s production of The Laramie Project.

“I like it here better because the people are more friendly. I like the weather better too,” said Solomon.

Getting involved in clubs and extra curricular activities can be a great way to help adjust to a new environment. Solomon is now part of six different groups on campus. They include Kpop club, Swing club, Drama club, Staged Reading Society, Philosophy club and KILTS, Carlmont’s improv troupe.  In addition to this variety of activities, Solomon has been trained in martial arts since the age of four.

“Before I moved here, I did hip-hop dance for three years, theatre for 12 years and I was the Vice President of the Improv troupe,” said Solomon. He said, ” I would describe myself as a very active individual, I like to meet new people and people here are so chill.” Solomon has previous experience with the Casa Blanca Modeling and Acting Agency.

In San Diego, Solomon said, “the lingo was different. Here, you guys say ‘hella’ and use lots of memes. Back in San Diego it was more common to hear phrases like ‘what’s up bro?’ and ‘what’s gucci?'”

Solomon’s dad is a professional magician. “Most people don’t know that I know some magic tricks too,” said Solomon.

Magic is not Solomon’s only secret talent. Being very active in the performing arts, it is not surprising that he also has a history of participating in public speaking. Solomon said, “I use to do public speaking to advocate giving to the poor and warning against drug abuse.”

When asked what the best part of moving to Belmont has been, Solomon said, “Being a part of the Laramie Project production has been the most significant thing I’ve done since I moved here. It was an amazing experience and I was glad that I could make new friends in the process.”