Everyone is falling in love with Lady Gaga’s newest single ‘Stupid Love’


Lady Gaga Grammys 2017 / Rogue Artists / Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

Lady Gaga makes an appearance at the annual 2017 Grammy Awards Red Carpet. She was already so successful back in 2017 and keeps that same groove in 2020, especially with her newest single, “Stupid Love.”

The fun and colorful side of Lady Gaga is officially back. 

Gaga’s most recent single, “Stupid Love,” brings listeners back to the unique style that she once had in her older albums like “Artpop” and “The Fame Monster.” The music video corresponding to this song brings out her true colors. 

Unlike the typical music videos in her latest album, “Joanne,” which contained a more basic approach to pop songs, Lady Gaga dresses in her unique outfits again. Of course, nothing she wears will ever compare to her famous MTV Video Music Awards meat dress; however, her vibrant pink attire in this video is almost as iconic. 

What is also interesting about the video is that it was entirely shot on an iPhone 11 Pro. Even though music videos are generally filmed with professional cameras, Gaga’s video did an exceptional job of showing just how little of a line there is between music and commerce. An individual’s income, no matter how large or small, won’t stop them from creating a masterpiece. This gives upcoming artists the message that they do not need professional equipment to create videos that can lead to a successful career.

What sets Gaga apart from most other pop stars is her fun touch to all of her music. Like many others, she writes mainly about love, but she does so in a distinctive way. When she sings, “You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for / Gotta quit this crying,” she tries to give the message that she has to love herself before letting others love her. With this lyric, Gaga conveys this heavy thought with a light, upbeat tune, which usually artists tend to avoid doing.

The soundtrack leaned more on the simple side, as there was a lot of repetition in the lyrics. However, its simplicity did not stop Gaga from achieving the message of her desire for love and affection, which is a common message she sends out through most of the music she writes. 

In all the music where she is the primary singer, Gaga always contributes in some way to the writing portion of the lyrics in the song. Writing her own music is one of the reasons why she still has such a large fanbase. People like to hear the artist’s thoughts and not anyone else’s.  

At its peak, “Stupid Love” was number five on the Billboard Hot 100, and this pop song gave everyone a break from the usual rap music that is continuously trending. 

Overall, “Stupid Love” was a perfect teaser for her soon-to-be-released album “Chromatica,” which many people are already excited for. 


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