FOMF: Maybe next year

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On Saturday, Jan. 29, students stayed at school pouring through questions as part of the scavenger hunt questionaire called FOMF.

FOMF, which stands for Friends of Milliard Fillmore, was established 1981 when former teacher Dr. Robert Hunter had an idea for a more appealing research project.

Local schools throughout the district compete with one another in answering challenging research questions. Each school must answer 75 questions and the school with the greatest number of correct answers wins.

Each student or pair of students must answer a question by providing two physical proofs as well as five “bring-in items.”

The questions can either be really simple and easy or much harder, requiring more time and deep thinking. For this reason, some students must stay for almost their whole weekend while others will leave within less than a day.

“I spent a good 24 hours on my question,” commented sophomore Byron Wu; he added, “But it was still pretty fun.”

FOMF is appealing because of how competitive it can be. It is a race for intelligence and students have to scramble to try find their answers quickly.

Others have a different approach to FOMF: extra credit. Most history teachers will offer a few extra credit points for participating in the outside of school project.

“Yeah, I would have only done it for the extra credit, ” stated Yassi Yavari.

Carlmont High School once again does not win first place in this year’s FOMF competition.

“Unfortunately, we placed about third place with  Castilleja placing first once again,” commented Mrs. Patricia Braunstein about the loss.

FOMF is a Carlmont tradition and it is a great way to expand your intellect as well as enjoying your weekend in a different way.