Food drive kicks off


Anya Meredith

Carlmont food drive poster

Anya Meredith, Staff Writer

The classroom is silent. Everyone is taking a test.

And then, a roar erupts from your stomach. These momentary hunger pains are a nuisance for many Carlmont students, but for some, it is a constant struggle.

Many people cannot feed themselves on a daily basis.

To help deal with this problem, the Associated Student Body and the leadership class are putting on a food drive at Carlmont. The food drive started Nov. 4 and will end on Nov. 24.

Some different ideas of foods students can bring are peanut butter, uncooked pasta, beans, rice, and water bottles. Tho most important thing however, is that they are unopened and non-perishable.

“If you wouldn’t eat the food, don’t donate it.” said Mathilde Zanelly, an ASB student.

The food is collected in students’ fourth period classroom.

“Whichever fourth period class collects the most food, gets a prize such as a pizza party.” said Zanelly.

The winning class is determined by how much all of that class’ food weighs, not just by the amount of food.

The food is going to Second Harvest Food Bank which picks it up at the end of the drive.

“The food goes to Second Harvest Food Bank which then distributes it to people in need.” said ASB student Veronica Pontis.

In years past, about 1300 lbs. of food have been collected. The Second Harvest Food Bank feed approximately 250,000 people every month so the Carlmont food drive is sure to help.

“People who receive below a certain amount of income can receive a card from Second Harvest Food Bank or one of the places it distributes to and they can get food for free.” said Zanelly.

The food also goes to the Carlmont Pantry, which is food for Carlmont families in need of food.

So when you get those fourth period hunger pains, remember that others around you could be going through much worse.