Formal promises to be out of this world


Alexandra Stein

Students wait in line to purchase formal tickets on Jan. 12.

Rachel Borshchenko, Staff Writer

With winter formal quickly approaching, students are deciding whether they want to attend one of the biggest dances of the year.

This year, Carlmont’s formal will be held at Fox Theater in Redwood City on Jan. 23. The theme is Out of this World, meaning that the dance has an outer space theme. This is different from previous formals, which typically have had themes relating to wintertime.  

A lot of planning goes into formal, as described by ASB Dance Commissioner sophomore Michelle Tenin.

“We have put in a lot of work to make this formal really good. We have worked overtime outside of class since Homecoming in order to put on this dance and make it great,” said Tenin.

After only the first day of sales, over 250 tickets were sold. Many students bought tickets to take advantage of the lowest price of $30 with PAL and $40 without, which was only available Monday.

Tenin said, “Over 200 people buying their tickets on the first day is a big deal for a dance, it’s a huge amount of people.”

Although ticket sales are going well, some students do not plan to attend the dance.

Sophomore Thomas Reznik said, “I am not going because I have other important plans with my family.” He did not attend last year either, but said, “the dance does seem like it would be fun, so I would consider going if I was able to.”

According to a survey of Carlmont students, the new no-twerking rule at Fox Theater has not swayed many students’ opinions on whether they would like to go to formal. However, there are other factors as to why a student would want to go.

Winter formal is the only formal dance that freshmen and sophomores are allowed to attend, so many take advantage of the opportunity to wear something fancier than usual.

Sophomore Sophia Gunning said, “I am really excited to go because it’s fun to hang out with all your friends at a dance and it’s fun to be able to dress up.”

Attendance at formal last year was over 900 people, and ASB hopes to surpass this number this year.

“So many people have already gotten their tickets and the majority of people are going to formal, so I suggest everyone go to have an amazing time,” said Tenin.

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