Freshman football player broke arm

I chose a camo cast because I dont see many people who have one and I wanted to stand out, said Canyon Regan.

“I chose a camo cast because I don’t see many people who have one and I wanted to stand out,” said Canyon Regan.

Ariana Crame, Staff Writer

Canyon Regan felt a tingling of his arm and looked down. He said his arm was in an awkward shape and it looked so weird he thought it was fake.

Right in the beginning of the Carlmont JV football season, within the first week of school, Canyon Regan broke his arm and was rushed off to the hospital in the middle of practice. He is unable to play any games this season.

Sports Trainer Jesse Little said if there was ever a bone break that didn’t break the skin, she would make a splint and have a parent come pick up the student.

Little said that if the bones are coming out of the skin then she would have to call 911.

Little said, “The school has already had five fractures that I know about. Each year is different. Sometimes there are more or less.”

During practice, Regan was playing running back, a position he usually does not play when he broke his arm.  Regan said, “I got a handoff and ran to the outside, then a lineman grabbed me and spun me around and I guess I landed on it funny.”

He said the pain level was low because he was in shock. One of the coaches called the paramedics and in ten minutes he was on his way to the hospital.

Nico Ferrario was involved in the fateful play.

Ferrario said, “I got through the offensive line and threw him down. I didn’t notice that anything was wrong until I saw his arm. I felt really bad, like I did the whole team wrong.”

Regan had no hard feelings against Ferrario and said that it was his own fault. He was frustrated with himself because he knew he should have rolled into the ground instead of just falling.

His teammates were really supportive and made him feel better.

“The whole team treated me like I was dying right when I broke my arm,” said Regan.

Regan will not be able to play this season but he will work with a personal trainer after his arm has healed to get him ready for next season.  He said the injury has motivated him to be a better player next year so something like this doesn’t happen again.

Regan still feels like a part of the team and he goes to the practices whenever he can and he is always there at the games helping his coaches and the trainer with whatever they need.

Regan is proud of how his team is playing this year. Regan said, “I thought we would do well, but we are doing amazing.”